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Carbon Footprint

Greenhouse gas emissions have an impact on our planet’s balance of land, ocean, and air temperature. To get a good idea of the environmental impact of plastic pallets, it was decided to calculate the carbon footprint of these products. To determine the carbon footprint, the carbon dioxide equivalent necessary for producing the pallet, expressed in kilograms (kg CO2 eq.), was calculated. Most corporate greenhouse gas emissions come from the raw material extraction, transportation and manufacturing of products.

Besides the usual assessment criteria, such as price and quality, the carbon footprint is increasingly required as a decision parameter, by customers who want to compare products with each other. Q-Pall will also use the results of these carbon footprint documents as starting point for improving the environmental performance of their products, seeking to minimize greenhouse gas emissions by setting stringent design-related goals for energy and material efficiency. Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) documents are available for all types of plastic pallets.