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Q-PALL, manufacturer and supplier of plastic pallets, is one of the market leaders in this field. The many advantages of the plastic pallet make this innovative logistics aid better, in practically every respect, than the familiar wooden pallet. 

Q-PALL’s products include both return pallets and single-use plastic pallets. As a result, you can choose from a large number of types and models these days. It is important, from the economic standpoint and to ensure that the logistics process in question runs perfectly, that the right pallet is chosen for each specific application. Our range comprises more than 100 products, which are available in various sizes and colours.

Years of experience, large stocks and a customer-oriented organisation guarantee excellent plastic pallets with short delivery periods and service which is more than simply ‘good’. 

To supplement our extensive standard range of plastic pallets, we also provide plastic pallets made to customer specifications. We develop innovative concepts and products, often in consultation, to maintain our customers’ leading positions.