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Reusable pallets | pool pallets

Pool pallets are also often referred to as multiple use pallets or return pallets. At Q-Pall, they are made with new plastic (premium line) or recycled plastic (regular line), both fully recyclable afterwards. It is a golden combination because, as a result, you will have a durable pool pallet, very strong and at the same time much lighter than a wooden pallet. Multiple use pallets have a lot of other advantages. While the purchase price is higher than that of single use pallets, it is usually worth the investment because of the extended durability and extra strength.

Q-Pall has a wide range of pool pallets and multiple use pallets. That is why the perfect pallet can be found for every means of transport and every kind of load. If you should have doubts about whether pool pallets fit the purpose you have in mind, our specialists would love to help you further!