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Privacy policy Q-Pall Plastic Pallets

Q-PALL BV respects the privacy of the visitors to this site and ensures that the personal information that you give to us is always handled confidentially. Q-PALL BV is committed to the current statutory regulations relating to the protection of personal data. With this privacy statement Q-PALL BV intends to clarify what Q-Pall BV does with your personal data.

If you have any questions on this privacy policy, please contact:


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(Industrial area De Dubbelen 2935)

NL-5466 AE Veghel

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)413 353 111

Fax: +31 (0)413 355 077

Personal data

You can visit the Q-PALL website without telling us who you are and without supplying us with any other personal data. However, there are situations in which we request personal data from you. For example, in order to correspond with you, to process your request for additional information or to process your subscription to an inline newsletter. The data gathered by Q-PALL BV in this manner is used in order to be able to meet your request (for correspondence, information etc.). Visitors who specifically express this on a entry from can receive e-mail, be contacted by telephone or receive information from Q-PALL BV in another manner.

Q-PALL BV will never sell your data or lease it or provide third parties with this information in any other manner.

Visitors data

Vistiors data on our web is registered for statistical purposes. Information such as visit frequency and the average session time is used to internal research and to improve the Q-PALL BV website. This information cannot be traced to individual visitors, which means that our visitors remain anonymous. As long as you do not take any action in this regard we have no access to your personal data.

Electronic newsletters

The Q-PALL BV website provides the possibility for you to register for electronic newsletters. You will then regularly receive the information that you have requested by e-mail or by post. The information that you provide during registration is used to personalise the message and to gear special offers to your wishes more effectively. You can change your information or stop the service at any time. How you do this is indicated separately for each service.