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Innovation is the key

The key to our - and your - success is innovation and technological progress. Q-PALL has a vigorous team of experts in house who are constantly researching new products to serve existing and new markets. 

Our mission is always to be on the move because ‘movement is progress’. With the aid of interdisciplinary vision, our concepts crystallise into innovative products, without losing sight of sustainability.


Medium Pallets

Medium plastic pallets for medium heavy loads make up the newest generation plastic pallets. In a pallet rack, medium plastic pallets can bear a load of 1,000 kg. The medium plastic pallet, which is moulded in one piece, combines a low weight with a high strength. This means that the user has a product which gives a better performance at a lower cost. The racking capacity is based on a fixed, evenly distributed load, in accordance with ISO Standard 8611-3. Our medium pallets are an example of our innovative vision: we always meet the latest industrial requirements while focusing on a green policy and, thus, optimising costs.

Production and logistics

Q-PALL is proud of the fact that it has built up a global network of reliable expert dealers. Our good relationship with our dealers guarantees that you, the client, always have the right product at your disposal. State-of-the-art machines guarantee that our pallets are of the very best quality. Because we control the whole process ourselves, we are flexible and can rapidly cater to your wishes so that your logistics process runs as smoothly as possible.